Height Adjustment Electric Transfer Commode Chair Zuowei ZW389D

The electric lift transfer chair solve the difficult point in the process of nursing such as mobility and transferring.

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The electric lift transfer chair provides a convenient and secure way to transport patients, caregiver can lift patient easily by operating a remote controller and transfer patient to bed, bathroom, toilet or else. Push the transfer chair into the front of the bed and stop 10 cm from the edge of the bed. Undo the double safety clasp on the backrest, 180°Open the backrest. Push it below the bed, and then adjust the seat height, Push it below the bed, and then adjust the seat height, step on the foot brake to stabilize the transfer chair. Place the seat under the patient's buttocks side by side. Lock the safety clasp on the backrest, and adjust the seat height by electric lift button. Open the foot brakes on both sides, easy to transfer. It suitable for pension institutions, hospitals and families to use.1. The transfer chair can move bedridden people or wheelchair-bound people over short distances and reduce the work intensity of caregivers. 2. It have the functions of wheel chair, bedpan chair, shower chair and so on, suited for transferring the patients from bed, sofa, dining table, bathroom etc. 3. Electric lifting system.Suitable for a variety of scenarios for instance: Home Care, Nursing Home, General Ward, ICU . Applicable people: The bedridden, the elderly, the disabled, patients

Seat lifting height range


Medical mute casters

front 4 " main wheel, rear 4" universal wheel.

Max. loading


Electric motor

Input 24V;  Current 5A;



Battery Capacity


Product size

70cm *59.5cm*80.5-100.5cm(adjustable height)

180 Degree Split Back

7. Electric motor: Input 25.9V/2A ; Power: 120W. 8. Battery Capacity: 4000mAh. 9.Product size: 700mm *595mm*770-970mm(adjustable height)4. Seat lifting height range: 450-650mm. 5. Medical mute casters: front 4 " main wheel, rear 4" universal wheel. 6. Max. loading: 100kgsThe electric lift transfer chair is composed of split seat , commode , medical caster, controller, 2mm thickness metal pipe.

Thickened Cushions, Comfortable and Easyto Clean

Waterproof Design forShower and Commode Useage

Mute Universal Wheels

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